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Numark MixStreamPro - Standalone DJ Console with Wifi/Amazon Music Streaming and Built- In Speakers


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Connect. Stream. Play.
The Mixstream Pro standalone DJ controller is fully optimized and suited for the present and future of DJing, setting new standards in connectivity and music access. With its built-in WiFi, the Mixstream Pro can access streaming content virtually anywhere. Connecting quickly to TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, Soundcloud Go+, and more to come, the Mixstream Pro grants DJs access to millions of songs, curated playlists, and top charts. DJs can also sync their entire music library or selected playlists to Dropbox, and seamlessly access them on the Mixstream Pro. Tracks are buffered into the internal memory as they are loaded, making playback ultra-reliable and stable, ensuring uninterrupted playback at every gig or live stream.
On top of its array of connected features, the Mixstream Pro features 2 USB inputs and 1 SD card slot for external media drives, giving DJs optimum versatility when it comes to music selection and curation. Using the Engine DJ desktop software, DJs can quickly and easily export their entire music library or selected playlists to a USB drive or SD card, and then access their music instantly on the Mixstream Pro.

First-Ever Built-In Monitor Speakers
The Mixstream Pro is the first-ever standalone DJ controller to feature high-quality, built-in speaker monitors with a dedicated volume control knob. These custom-tuned drivers produce rich, full sound and make the Mixstream Pro the most versatile, plug and play standalone DJ controller on the market. The high-quality sound output is perfect for casual listening, cookouts, pool parties, and gatherings of family and friends. For the aspiring or professional DJ, the built-in speakers are the ultimate, convenient solution for practicing, live streaming, video content creation, and personal monitoring when connected to a larger sound system.

Ultimate Control for Creative Music Interaction
The intuitive layout and 7" high-definition touchscreen allow DJs to browse, load and interact with their music like never before. To provide the ultimate mix, a full-blown EQ and FX section unleashes the power of the DJ in anyone. The 4 built-in effects (Echo, Flanger, Delay, and Phaser) are perfectly timed to the beat when they are triggered with the fun, interactive toggle switches. There's no feeling quite like mixing in the perfect song at the perfect time, and the large filter knobs add even more excitement by providing hands-on control over the low and high frequencies to create dramatic mixes, blends, and transitions. Scratching with the large, 6" touch-sensitive scratch wheels is easy thanks to the Smart Scratch feature, which ensures that the music always stays on beat after a scratch is added to the mix. The 8 dual-layer Performance Pads feature 4 pad modes (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll) providing limitless possibilities for live mixing and ultimate creative musical freedom. Plus, since the Mixstream Pro harnesses the power Engine DJ ecosystem, DJs have direct access to an ever-expanding set of advanced, professional-grade DJ performance features.

Simple, Fun, Smart Lighting Control
To complete the ultimate user experience, the Mixstream Pro uses its built-in WiFi to connect wirelessly to Philips Hue smart home lighting, making a mood-setting, beat-synchronized lightshow only a tap of the screen away. Color changes, on-beat auto generated lightshows, and stunning performance features like strobing and color overrides can all be accessed using the onboard Engine Lighting. For advanced lighting options and features, DJs can pre-analyze their music library with the SoundSwitch desktop software, export their library to a USB drive, SD card, or to their Dropbox cloud, and have full control of DMX lighting using the touchscreen of the Mixstream Pro. This neverbefore-seen versatility and functionality makes it simple to provide an immersive lighting experience at events and gigs without the need to bring along a laptop or DMX controller. The lights even respond to the movements of the crossfader, volume controls, and scratching for an amazing, immersive audio/visual experience!

Powered by Engine DJ
Engine DJ is an ever-evolving embedded software platform that powers forward-thinking DJ hardware like the Mixstream Pro. Equipped with intuitive and familiar touchscreen workflows, lighting fast library navigation and song loading, expanded connectivity, plus a multitude of performance features, Engine DJ has the premium tools needed for DJs to always be at their creative best. Engine DJ powers players on some of the largest performance stages in the world. Now, with the Mixstream Pro, it's available for DJs at all skill levels in an affordable and easy-to-use package.

Engine DJ 3.4

Bluetooth Audio Input
• Bluetooth audio input can be assigned to any deck, or mixed into the main output on all-in-one consoles. On standalone players, Bluetooth audio input can be assigned to layer A or B
• Bluetooth Transport Controls allow playing, pausing, and track skipping using the deck controls (with capable Bluetooth devices)
• Bluetooth Track Information displays the track title, artist and track progress during playback (with capable Bluetooth
• Bluetooth audio input devices can be connected and managed in the Bluetooth menu, accessible via Control Center

Bluetooth Keyboard Support
• Connect Bluetooth keyboards for quicker, more efficient song searching
• Bluetooth keyboards can be connected and managed in the Bluetooth menu, accessible via Control Center
• Other various stability enhancements & improvements for all Engine DJ hardware

• Built-in WiFi for access to streaming services: TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go+, and Dropbox
• Engine DJ embedded operating system for laptop-free DJing
• Built-in speakers with volume control for home use, practicing, and monitor applications
• Engine Lighting embedded lighting control for Philips Hue smart home and DMX lighting
• USB and SD Card inputs for DJing with existing music libraries
• 7" multi-gesture high-definition touchscreen
• 6" capacitive-touch scratch wheels with Smart Scratch feature for on-beat scratching
• 4 dual-layer performance pads on each deck
• 4 performance mode pads on each deck (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll)
• FX section with 4 effects and 2 toggle switches
• Large Filter knob on each deck
• Pitch Bend buttons and dedicated Pitch Slider with selectable ranges (4%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%)
• Dedicated Sync, Cue/Stop, and Play/Pause buttons
• 3-band EQ on each deck
• Balanced XLR and RCA outputs and 1/4" microphone input

Frequecy response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
Dynamic Range: > 114dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 94dB (A-weighted)
Mic: > 16dB
Outputs: > 16dB
Channel Separation: < -110dB (1kHz, unity)
Line: < 0.01% (1kHz, unity)
Microphone: < 0.01% (1kHz, unity)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
Analog Input
Microphone: -40dBu (unity) / -60dBu (minimum)
Analog Output
Master, Balanced: +20dBu (maximum) / +4dBu (unity)
Master, Unbalanced: +16dBu (maximum) / 0dBu (unity)
Headphone Output: < 30mW
Audio Outputs:
• 2 XLR outputs (main left/right, balanced)
• 1 RCA output pair (main left/right, unbalanced)
• 1 1/4" (6.35mm) stereo output (headphones)
• 1 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo output (headphones)
Audio Inputs: 1 1/4" (6.35mm) microphone input
• 2 USB port (for USB drives)
• 1 USB port (to computer)
• 1 SD card slot
• 1 power adapter input
Power Connection: DC, Center Positive
Voltage: 12.0V 3.0A
Dimensions: 22.3" x 11.2" x 2.9" / 566 x 284 x 74mm
Weight: 8.11 lb / 3.68 kg