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Alesis DM10MKIIPRO Premium 10-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads (DISPLAY MODEL)


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The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit is a premium ten-piece electronic drum set with the exclusive Alesis dual-zone mesh drum heads that deliver an unprecedented degree of realistic drum "feel" and personal expression for modern electronic drummers. These ultra-quiet mesh drum heads come closer to duplicating the feel of an acoustic drum head and their natural rebound better than any previous Alesis electronic drum kit. The Alesis mesh drum heads have a precise adjustment knob so drummers can adjust the heads to provide the exact response that best suits their playing style.

Designed for the studio and live performance, the DM10 MKII Pro Kit comes complete with six drum pads, four cymbals, and the heavy-duty quick lock chrome Rack. It's equipped with the exclusive Alesis tightly woven black mesh drum heads that dampen acoustic noise and provide a singularly natural drumming experience. Players will immediately notice the improved feel, response, and reduction in acoustic noise, making the DM10 MKII Pro Kit ideal for quiet late-night practice sessions, as well as live performance and no-compromise studio recording.

• Tightly woven black mesh drum heads enhance feel and playing response
• 6-piece pad set with 10/10/12/12" dual-zone toms, 12" dual-zone snare, and 8" kick
• Four-piece cymbal set with a 12" hi-hat, two 14" crashes, and 16" triple-zone ride
• Heavy-duty four-post quick-lock chrome rack with integrated boom cymbal arms
• Fully adjustable snare stand for optimal positioning
• Includes new DM10 MKII Pro sound module with 80 kits (50 preset + 30 user)
• Over 700 sounds/voices
• Sequencer 100 preset patterns
• Load .WAV or .MP3 samples and play-along tracks via USB memory stick
• Real-time recording / Aux in / Metronome
• USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software

- (3) 12" Mesh Drum Pads
- (2) 10" Mesh Drum Pads
- 8" Mesh Kick Pad
- DMPad 12" Hi-Hat
- (2) DMPad 14" Crash
- DMPad 16" Ride
- DM10 MKII Pro Module
- RealHat Pedal
- 4-post Chrome Quick Lock Rack with Clamps & Arms
- Snare Stand
- Module Mount
- Cable Snake
- Cable Wrap Strips
- Alesis Logo Plate
- Drum Sticks
- Drum Key
- Power Supply
- User Guide
- Safety & Warranty Manual

For USB-MIDI performance and system updates
Mac: OS X 10.9 and above
PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Available USB port