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This Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele is one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars that you'll ever play, thanks to its fun-sized body and easy action. That being said, this guitar gives you a startling level of powerful tone, despite its diminutive size. Employing sapele for its sonic foundation, this guitar lends a rich, woody quality to your tone, with clear highs and gentle mids. You'll rarely see a high-quality guitar like this one sell for such a low price. The Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele uses solid tonewoods that typically aren't found on a guitar this affordable. The top, back, and sides are made from solid sapele, which has the same richness and depth mahogany is used for. Not only does that tonewood combination offer extra rich and warm lows with clear high, it naturally scoops a bit of the mids, offering a bit of breathing room for vocals.

Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele Acoustic Guitar at a Glance:

Solid sapele gives your vocals sonic space

Comfortable D Jr. body style Dreadnought Junior neck profile for great playability

Solid sapele gives your vocals sonic space

Chrome-enclosed tuners keep you in tune

Hand-rubbed body and neck finish looks and feels great



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SKU:  ae00-1258^DJR2ESAPELE
Manufacturer Part #:  DJR2ESAPELE
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