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Something Special for Your Bass

At last bass players get an interface of their very own with the Ashdown MiBass Interface. Designed with tone in mind, the MiBass gives you high-quality converters for recording without compromising your sound. The XLR direct out takes your tone all the way to the PA and a headphone output with level control lets you practice quietly. But the MiBass really springs your sound to life using its USB and iOS connections. Compatible with any recording or amp modeling software or application, you get endless access to tonal tools. And thanks to that versatility, the Ashdown MiBass Interface will give you consistent tone from studio to stage.

A closer look at the versatility you get with MiBass

Regardless of the DAW or processing platform you use, you'll find the MiBass's driver-free set up the easiest you've ever encountered. Plug in the included standard USB cable and record directly into your DAW - the high quality converters won't miss an aspect of your tone. The headphone output and level come in handy for practice while the baby sleeps and for monitoring while you record without the worry of extra gear or latency from your DAW. The balanced XLR DI output lets you rock a live gig totally amp-free without leaving your tone behind in the generic preamp of a mixer. The hi/lo pad on the bass input allows you to switch from an active bass guitar to a passive bass guitar without issue. The power-up options include using the USB bus power, a 9-volt battery, or an optional 9-volt power supply to make sure you can take full advantage of what this box can do. And just to make sure there's no doubt you'll love this awesome piece of bass tone power, Ashdown tops off the MiBass with one of their iconic VU meters.

The connection that will change your tone forever

At its most basic the MiBass is a great interface for studio recording and a top-notch DI for the stage. But what if you want more? Ashdown gives it to you with the MiBass's iOS connection - just plug the included cable into the interface then into your iPad or iPhone and start playing. The MiBass comes complete with a version of the popular AmpKit application with enough Ashdown amplifier and cabinet models, and standard effects models, to get you building the tone library of your wildest dreams. The cable carries your bass signal into your iOS device then the effected signal comes back down the same cable and is routed to all the outputs - capture it with your DAW or rock out through the DI with the same, dependable tone no matter where you're making music.

Ashdown MiBass Interface Features:
  • High-resolution 48kHz converters for quality audio recording
  • Works with your PC or Mac without the need for drivers
  • Powered via USB bus, optional 9-volt power supply, or 9-volt battery
  • Stereo headphone output with dedicated level control lets you monitor both input and output
  • Bass input has a hi/lo pad for playing passive and active basses
  • A special input jack allows you to connect with your iOS device
  • Ashdown VU Meter lights up to let you know it's on and monitors your input level
  • XLR direct output gives your tone a balanced path to the PA
  • Includes standard USB cable and iOS cable
Studio or stage, the Ashdown MiBass is everything you need for great bass tone


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