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Manufacturer Part #:  RETRO800
Plug-and-play simplicity

Ashdown Founder Mark Gooday says, "The Retroglide really takes me back to my roots as a bass player. Pure, simple tone at your fingertips." In a day where bass amplifier design can sometimes feel like only more is more, the Retroglide-800 is made to harken back to those glory days of plugging in your bass and going for it. You won't be tripped up on overly complicated digital options or redundant knob features. Like Gooday says, the Retroglide-800 is tone, pure and simple.

12-band graphic EQ for complete tonal control

Sometimes bass, mid, and treble just aren't enough, and those on top of a graphic EQ is just too much. The Retroglide-800 does completely away with those controls for a single streamlined 12-band graphic EQ. With precise control over the frequencies most useful to bassists, there isn't a tone you won't be able to achieve. Get rumble, growl, precision, and clarity in just the right part of your tonal spectrum. Don't let the amp tell you what your bass control will affect. You make the call with the Retroglide-800.

800 watts in convenient bulletproof enclosure

Sometimes, the size of the gig really doesn't matter. More power is almost always better. Get 800 watts of pure low-end muscle with the Retroglide-800. Did we mention that you get all that power in a package that weighs in at under seven pounds? Who says great things don't come in small packages? And considering the amp sports a 6mm-thick hand-machined alloy front panel and milled steel housing for protection, you'll be able to count on that power for a long time to come. The Retroglide-800 works your cabinets hard, not your back.

  • Simple design makes it easy to get up and running with a great tone
  • 12-band graphic EQ lets you fine tune your sound
  • 800 watts in a small and easily transportable enclosure
  • Built with long lasting and dependable hand-machined alloy and milled steel
  • Post EQ balanced DI output



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Manufacturer Part #:  RETRO800
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