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Electronic Repairs

We have an experienced electronics technician available for repairs, we offer a fast turn-around and great rates. A small diagnostic charge of ½ hour to an hour will determine the problem, the cost to repair and provide advice to you for how to proceed.

It is important when considering repairs to look at the value of the item and whether a repair is worthwhile. Many in-expensive solid state amps for example are just not worth the expense, it can easily take a couple hours to diagnose and repair a problem and you could buy a brand new amp with the latest technology and new product warranty for not much more. We will always advise you when a repair doesn’t make sense.


General Hourly Rate $90.00 per hour

  • Tube Amps
  • Hi-End Solid State Amps
  • Keyboards & Synthesizers
  • Digital Pianos
  • Other Electronic Music Gear